Tech Tips / Maintenance Advice From Caleb! 

5 Annual Door Servicing Tips

Lubricating the moving parts

Lubrication of the door parts reduces the amount of noise door’s make. Areas to focus on are the garage opener drive or chain screw along with the hinges. Regular spray lubricant is ideal for spraying on these parts to cut the noise factor down.

Tighten Garage Door Hardware

Tightening the screws of the door’s hardware goes a long way relating to preserving and increasing the life span of your garage door. Doors open and close so much over time that bolts and screws will become loose if not properly secured.

Garage Door Balance

Keeping the door balanced cuts the chances of the opener failing to operate correctly. Unbalanced doors put a big strain on the opener which will cause it to malfunction if not properly balanced. Does your door need balancing? To find out pull the release handle and with the door half open or closed does is stay in place? If so you have a balanced door. If it does not hold it’s position and goes up or down it’s time to have the spring tension adjusted.

Test Auto-Reverse Feature

When the auto-reverse mechanism fails people get injured. Testing the auto-reverse will ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Take any large box or crate and place under the door. Now hit close the door and if it reverses back up after touching the box it’s working properly. For testing a modern door opener using a photoelectric system you simply need to only briefly place your foot in the path of the closing door. If your door reverses when doing so all is well.

Check for Damaged Cables or Rollers

Looking for any parts of the garage that may have become damaged also is a yearly maintenance tip that should be done each year. Cables and rollers do go bad so it’s best to regularly inspect them for any damage. If you do find faults with either the cables or rollers have them replaced.


Additional Tips

Your garage door should be inspected every year.

  • Your door should be lubricated at least every 6 months.
  • How does your door sound when it operates? It should be smooth and quiet when operating.
  • Several parts of your door are under extreme tension! For your safety, call a professional before attempting to work on it yourself!
  • Programming remotes and keypads is easy but call if you need assistance! Replacement remotes and keypads are available for most models in the past 30 years.
  • The average life of a garage door opener that was professionally installed and bought through a dealer is 20 years.
  • Average spring life is about 10 years.
  • Preventative maintenance with your garage door can save you hundreds and even thousands of $$!!

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